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What we do

Delivering trusted solutions by integrating science, technology and business expertise.

We are a team of innovative professionals providing high quality, timely, value-added services to our clients. Our success is achieved through honesty in thought, word and action towards our clients, fellow employees, communities and suppliers. Ethical conduct and sincerity of purpose make us proud to be part of Inintech.

What we believe in:

Our focus always must be the problem, not the technology.

Constantly listening to our customers and keeping an eye on the changing world is crucial.

The “Business of Science” is unique and requires an environment and decision-making processes that foster the success of a Scientist / Technologist in a business venture.

And last, but not least

If we want to make a unique product that is commercially successful, we start with the problem and aim to find a unique solution. If we concentrate on developing ground-breaking tech, sometimes we can get lucky and invent the next big thing... But more likely, we’ll end up with an expensive gadget that no one wants to buy. We keep our focus on finding unique solutions, and try to avoid geting caught up trying to create unique technology. That’s what we call innovation.